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Representing Victims of  Malpractice Injuries, & Wrongful Death

Hospital or nursing home malpractice may arise in the course of a patients medical treatment. Hospitals are vicariously liable for the mistakes of their medical team and staff. If you are a victim of a surgical error or negligent post operative care, you may have a claim. Hospitals are charged with adequately evaluating their employees’ qualifications, certifications, and education. If a hospital employs an under-qualified or incompetent medical professional, it may be liable for  patients injured by the negligent actions of that employee. If you feel you’ve received an inadequate level of care, mistreatment, or sustained injuries caused by substandard care, we are here to pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries!

Some examples of negligence by healthcare professionals include:

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  • Choosing the incorrect drug
  • Misusing medical equipment
  • Giving a drug to an allergic patient
  • Administering the wrong dosage of the drug
  • Nursing home neglect & negligence
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  • Failing to monitor vital signs
  • Administering anesthesia too late
  • Medical device error
  • Failing to act upon changes in vital signs
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  • Failing to use machines correctly
  • Using faulty equipment
  • Shutting off the alarm on the pulse oximeter
  • Negligent supervision of nurses and staff

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